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Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System

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About Us

Darrell Torrens

Working with horses has been one of the most exciting and heart-warming positions that I’ve been lucky to be part of. I started off with horses as a very young child under the guidance of my father Ivan. He has been the biggest life guiding, inspiration for me and that will be with me for my entire lifetime. Understanding horses has been the key factor in everything that I’ve done around equines; having the ability to ride horses, and more importantly just to understand them, and have that day to day experience of horses where it made me happy.

I got to a stage in my life where understanding where I felt most comfortable, and I truly feel very comfortable around equine animals that I went through a thought process which led to the development of the Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System. I had seen what the salt therapy could do for humans in regard to asthma, bronchitis, COPDs, cystic fibrosis and a number of different skin issues and I had a thought that if I could replicate that into the equestrian stream it would be an incredible process. It would answer the likes of unanswered questions that I’d felt that many people in the equine world were not understanding or getting answers to. I’d met so many professional riders, horse trainers and owners who felt that there was something that wasn’t quite right within their animal but they couldn’t put their finger on it or get answers to.

That took me on the path of looking at the fundamental working of the equine animal, and I realised that breathing was the biggest influence and the biggest factor that was causing health issues with horses. Issues such as unwanted mucus that was building up in the lower lung area, and there was nothing available that was able to get to that area.

When I looked at the salt therapy process for people and how I could progress that for the equine stream, I wanted to develop a system where the microscopic particles of salt could travel down into the lower lung area and break up or dilute the unwanted mucus, making sure that the process cleared the bronchial canals and got down into the lower lung area where the issues were arising. We then made sure that we could provide a cleanse process for horses which would help them feel a lot more clear in their respiratory system and which would restore their ultimate capacity to breath. This in turn would provide as much oxygen into the blood as we possibly could and in turn raise their energy level and raise their immune system to where it needs to be.

All these processes provided their own challenges but my understanding of horses and experience within the equestrian world has provided me with the opportunity to now be working alongside some of the top professionals of all disciplines, racing, show jumping, eventing, dressage, showing, carriage driving as well as the owners with their everyday happy hacking ponies and horses and much loved pets. The Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System was always designed to look after all equestrian animals as equals, and help the fundamental functions of all these animals.

Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System

In simple terms, when your horse/animal is in one of our salt therapy suites they inhale the dry salt enriched air deep into the lungs where the greatest healing can be achieved.

The inhaled dry salt loosens the mucus which begins to clear over a period of sessions (strictly maximum one session per day) and any inflammation is reduced which makes more room in the airways for the animal to breathe and with the skin being the largest organ it reduces inflammation on the skin and improves the circulation of the skin surface.