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Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System

...bringing well-being to your horse


The Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System can be easily installed into an existing space, such as a stable, or we can design a bespoke space to meet your exact needs. The advantages of having a permanent unit allows the horses to be treated as and when they need it, such as pre-race or event, for respiratory, allergy or skin issues, or as a regular health top-up. It’s in your hands.


We can come to your horse. This is the best option for many horse owners who may not wish to invest in their own unit, or do not have a suitable space for an installation. We have developed a mobile unit to bring the benefits of salt therapy to a greater amount of horses because the well-being of horses is our ultimate goal. We have a trained team of dedicated people to offer salt therapy throughout the UK and in Spain, France, Holland and Dubai.

Equine Salt Therapy

Performance & Recovery

Equine Salt Therapy can improve the on track performance, training and recovery time and help horses reach peak fitness levels more quickly. It is especially effective for equine respiratory conditions, sinus and allergies and can speed up the recovery period and enhance overall equine health. The cleansing effects of the salt clears the respiratory system from congestion, inflammation and allergies, allowing the horse to inhale oxygen deeper into its lungs. This results in more oxygen getting into the bloodstream, which in turn helps the horse’s body to perform better and recover faster. 

Equine Salt Therapy is a safe and effective therapy which has seen no contraindications in the equine environment and is successfully used by leaders in the racing industry and high performance sports horses.

The Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System has an excellent reputation with proven results and continues to be at the forefront of equine health and wellbeing. We have static systems installed at some of the most prestigious Newmarket Racing Establishments including Ed Dunlop Racing, Sir Michael Stoute, and Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum – Shadwell Estates at Snareshall.

Having a permanent equine therapy unit allows you to add a natural, holistic therapy to the horses’ wellbeing, improving the performance of equine athletes and will set your yard apart from the rest.

Permanent Installation

We can install our system into an existing stable/room or arrange a bespoke unit to suit your requirements, and offer a free no obligation quote on request.

With purchases of our system we offer a fully dedicated intensive training period and ongoing support. The Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System comes with 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee from date of installation or hand over.

Ed Dunlop

IT may be stretching a point to suggest that Ed Dunlop has conquered the world in his two decades as a Newmarket trainer, but not by much. With 25 Group or Grade 1 wins in eight countries on three continents…..

William Haggis

William spent time with John Winter and Sir Mark Prescott before taking out his own license and training his first winner – Tricky Note (15th April 1987) – from his Somerville Lodge base where he has been since 1987.


Horses have been running successfully in the nominated colours of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum since 1980. Over 350 Thoroughbred horses in training…..

Sir Michael Stoute

Sir Michael Stoute began training in 1972. His first Classic victory came six years later with Fair Salinia in the 1978 Oaks and, ever since, he has been producing top-class winners from his yard in Newmarket. Champion Trainer for the tenth time in 2006…..

Alan King

Alan that he took out his own licence at Jackdaws Castle in 1999, where he trained 31 winners in six months. These included Anzum, who won the Grade 1 Long Walk Hurdle at Ascot and Relkeel, winner of the Grade 2 Bonusprint Hurdle at Cheltenham.

HK Horses

International Showjumping and sport horse team. Interested in competing to the very best standard both Nationally and Internationally. As well as breeding, producing and selecting top class horses for sale.

Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System

In simple terms, when your horse/animal is in one of our salt therapy suites they inhale the dry salt enriched air deep into the lungs where the greatest healing can be achieved.

The inhaled dry salt loosens the mucus which begins to clear over a period of sessions (strictly maximum one session per day) and any inflammation is reduced which makes more room in the airways for the animal to breathe and with the skin being the largest organ it reduces inflammation on the skin and improves the circulation of the skin surface.